Wireless Network Design

With the continued evolution of Wireless Networking technology, you now can easily and inexpensively install high resolution IP Video cameras at almost any line of site location.
Our IP Video experts specialize in the design of Wireless Networks optimized for HD IP Video Systems. Contact Us Today to learn about Wireless Networking for your Security Camera System.

Our Wireless Networking Services

  • Design of complete wired and wireless network for your camera system
    • Evaluation of your current network topology & equipment
    • Planning for video stream bandwidth, environmental factors, and future expansion
    • Includes quote for all equipment & cabling needed to
  • Pre-configuration of Wireless equipment and Cameras in our Lab
    • Makes installation quick and easy
  • Pre-Configuration of cameras with IP addresses and firmware
  • We also design wireless networks for non-surveillance applications


When to use Wireless Security Cameras

  • Remote camera locations up to 10 miles away, where line of site is possible
  • Camera locations where running network cable is too expensive or impossible
    • Very common for Parking Lots, Schools, Farms, Apartment Complexes
  • Small office or residential Wifi camera projects
    • PoE is often more cost effective than wireless
Contact Us for more information on our Wireless services.