Risk Assessment

A threat and risk assessment is the first starting point for any security project. ICSS consultants believe you cannot adequately protect yourself from any threat that could damage your building, your people or your brand without knowing what your vulnerabilities are and how a threat could exploit them.

The first place to start is to look at what we mean by the following terms; threat, vulnerabilities, assets, risk, and the relationship between them.

Assets: These are the things we want to protect, such as people, property, brand reputation, and information, an organization cannot function if its assets are comprised

Threat: These are what we protect against, they aim to exploit our vulnerability to reach our Assets.

Vulnerability:  These are the weakness in our protection of assets they are what threats aim to exploit. Vulnerabilities and weaknesses can be strengthened to mitigate potential threats.


This is about the potential for threat and vulnerability to interact, it is the potential for damage, loss, and destruction to your Assets. Risk can have treatment methods applied
For a successful threat and risk assessment, we need to identify what the assets are and how your organization interacts with them.

It is important here to understand both people and the culture that surrounds assets. For example, there is no point spending more on security than the assets are worth, there is also little financial value in investing in security measures that are protecting against a very low or non-existence risk. ICSS will through unbiased assessments steer you towards what your organization needs to protect itself from the risks it is exposed to.

ICSS Security consultants can provide a comprehensive threat and risk assessment that looks at your assets what vulnerabilities can be exploited by both inadvertent and intentional threats tailored to you and your people, your processes, and your product; to work out what probability of risks materializing and their impact.

By providing threat and risk assessments whether on an existing site or by working with building design professionals on a new project at the concept stage, ICSS can be recommended features and solutions that would minimize or transfer risk and mitigate against threats identified.

To do this ICSS will work with you to outline all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses with your existing arrangements by conducting a comprehensive threat and risk assessment, and then developing conceptual security design ideas either through site visits or analysis of architectural drawings or a combination of both.

Once this is complete ICSS consultants will be able to produce a high-quality visual report, highlighting all of the important information in an easy to understand format with diagrams and images detailing the issues bespoke to your site.

Without a Threat and risk assessment, it is impossible to protect what is most important to you, with the one you will be in a much better position to look after your critical assets.