Project Consulting

ICSS is a security consulting company that has been providing independent security consultant services for the built environment since 2012. Since our formation, we have undertaken projects in many sectors, which include; Healthcare, Transportation, Tall Buildings, Public Sector, Financial, Education, Leisure, Hospitality, Mixed-Use, and Industrial markets.

ICSS’ Security consultant services and assignments nearly always focus on the assessment of credible threats, site-specific vulnerabilities, and asset criticality to form a robust security risk assessment. Once the security risk assessment is complete, a foundation is created which helps ICSS guide our clients through the process of security risk mitigation, utilizing a cost versus benefit analysis.

Our Security Consultants are focused to assist a client make an informed decision about risk acceptance, risk avoidance, risk reduction, or if possible, risk transfer, to create a robust Asset Protection Program and the company or site-wide Security Strategy. We further aim to provide a security plan which is joined up and cohesive between those responsible for ownership, design, construction, and management of sites and facilities within the built environment.

SGW’s Security Consultant Services

Planning Today – Protecting Tomorrow, ICSS Provides Security Consultant Services for the Built Environment.

Security Consultant Services from ICSS incorporates one or more of the following project stage services: –
– Security Threat & Risk Assessment
– Security Master Planning
– Security Gap Analysis
– Security Strategy & Concept Security Plan
– Security Schematic Design
– Security Detailed Design
– Security ‘For Tender’ or ‘For Construction’ Design Package
– Security Procurement Support
– Security Project Management during construction and implementation phases
– Security Installation assessment, snagging, witness testing, and authorizing engineer services.

ICSS provides a comprehensive portfolio of Security Consultant services – which can be defined as “the protection of the health of the population, the built environment, and infrastructure against terrorism, sabotage and crime by the application of engineering and scientific principles”. Security is an incredibly broad area with many aspects to take into account.

ICSS has specialists in several key security-related disciplines, which develop security strategies that Deter, Detect, Delay, and Deny access to your critical assets.

The development and implementation of an effective security strategy may include environmental security measures which apply Security Master Planning and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles to a landscape architects conceptual site-plan design, Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS), Access Control Design, Intruder Alarm Design, Physical Security Design which is based upon attack resistance commensurate with a risk rating, Security Control Room Design and Manpower Security Plans which incorporates guard post-placement and assignment instructions for the security guards and security control room personnel.

ICSS’ CCTV Consultancy Services

ICSS has been providing CCTV Consultancy Services internationally since 2012. During that time, our CCTV Consultancy Team has applied our independence and unbiased approach, to support many public and private sector organizations to progress CCTV Feasibility Studies and Documented Operational Requirements, which have formed the foundation for the implementation of a fit for purpose Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System project.

ICSS’ CCTV Consultants have no allegiance to manufacturers or installers of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) products & systems, which means that our advice is always focused on achieving the Operational Requirements and CCTV Strategy agreed and approved by our clients, with a ‘Best Value’ approach to specification and procurement.

The international CCTV Industry is saturated with hundreds of manufacturers and installers of cameras, display, control, and recording systems and solutions. Analogue, Digital, AHD, TVI, CVI, IP, HD, and AHD are just a few common CCTV system formats available in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Which one will you choose for your next project and why?

Pixel density to achieve CCTV Operational Requirements, Converged or dedicated CCTV network, bandwidth budget, storage capacity, built-in resilience and redundancy, lighting optimization between cameras and artificial lighting, how are the cameras monitored? where are they monitored from? what happens to the CCTV data? how long is it stored? who is the end-user ‘(‘client, police or criminal justice system‘) are just a few of the questions which ICSS’ team of CCTV Consultants will address?

It’s likely that if your supplier or installer has a sharp and effective salesperson and you may be persuaded to purchase a system that is more aligned to the salesperson’s agenda, than to the operational requirements and site-specific operational conditions at which the system will operate. In this scenario, the result can be extremely disappointing and an expensive mistake, resulting in a CCTV which is not ‘Fit for Purpose’.

Our CCTV Consultancy team is focused to present our clients with clear and concise facts, which allows the client to make an informed decision upon the selection of a solution, appointment of a contractor, and ongoing maintenance and support of the system to protect your investment. Our ‘Best Value’ approach always intends to offset the cost of our fees by ensuring ICSS assists our clients to achieve a streamlined, economical and efficient conclusion to a CCTV project, on time and to budget.

CCTV Consultancy Services from ICSS can incorporate one or more of the following project stage services: –
* – CCTV Feasibility Studies
* – CCTV Audit and Assessment
* – CCTV Strategy
* – CCTV Detailed Design
* – CCTV ‘For Tender‘ or ‘For Construction‘ Design Package
* – CCTV Procurement Support
* – CCTV Project Management during construction and implementation phases
* – CCTV Installation assessment, snagging, witness testing, and authorizing engineer services

Several areas involving fire safety engineering naturally overlap with security, such as access control, response planning, and master planning.
ICSS’ fire engineering consultants can work easily and efficiently together across both sectors, resulting in a holistic approach to manage the routine everyday fire and security demands through to the serious ‘what if’s’ and the after-effects of any serious incident.

Fire safety engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to protect people and their environments from the destructive effects of fire and smoke. ICSS fire safety engineering professionals have the experience and specialist knowledge to advise, assess, and design across the built environment.

The protection of people, assets, and the continuity of business operations are combined in our holistic fire strategies. Fire safety management and passive and active fire protection systems are balanced by ICSS to be completely optimized for each facility. Our strategic approach provides consistent risk management, regulatory compliance, and practical long term management regimes.
ICSS’ fire protection engineers identify risks and design safeguards that aid in preventing, controlling, and mitigating the effects of fires. We assist architects, building owners, and developers in evaluating buildings’ life safety and property protection goals.

Our fire engineers can be engaged to provide fire investigation and 3rd party review for performance-based fire engineering solutions, submitted in support of local building regulation applications.

Access Control Consultant

ICSS’ Access Control Consultant Services provides for experienced and independent security engineering specialists who design, supervise, assess, snag, witness test, and approve installations which control the movement of people and vehicles.

Access control systems allow users to monitor and control who can enter either your site as a whole or certain areas of a site. As part of a multi-layered approach to security, access control can protect the safety and security of your staff and visitors as well as any critically important business functions and systems.

By engaging the services of ICSS to provide Access Control Consultant Services, our clients are provided with technical expertise to develop recommendations made in our security threat and risk assessment or security master planning recommendations, to design and specify electronic and physical access control systems.

Access Control: People

With the emergence of new technologies, there are a wide variety of methods for controlling access from traditional ID badges and Physical Locks through to Biometric devices and Smart cards. The dominating factor in choosing what access control system is most suitable will be the outcome of the threat and risk assessment of your site and associated risk mitigation measures and security improvements agreed. ICSS’ Access Control Consultant team will advise on and develop a design proposal and drawing(s) which may incorporate a range of access control systems including: –
• Access cards and card readers
• Access Keypads
• Barrier and gate styles
• Biometric readers
• Contact and contactless Smart Cards
• ID badges
• Security guarding solutions

Access Control (Vehicles):

As with people, vehicles can present a complex access control challenge and could have a range of solutions applied that are dependent on the way your site and your people need to function and the risks and threats present to them, Our Access Control Consultant team can assist and advise on a range of measures including:
• ANPR systems
• Crash rated installations
• Barrier and gate styles
• Search regime
•Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
Choosing the right system is important and should center around the mitigation of risks identified at your site or facility. ICSS’ Access Control Consultant will review your new site’s concept master-plan or about an existing or established site, what you already have versus what your needs are about the threats and risks identified as part of our holistic security consultancy approach or as a single piece of work. ICSS will present an unbiased, independent, and objective report and recommend the access control systems that will best serve your needs whilst interacting with the way your business operates.

ICSS is also able to help you put your access control system to tender ensuring that the options presented meet the needs identified and are of the right technical specification. Additionally, ICSS can also project manage the installation and set-up of any system alongside your chosen contractors.